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Name Anklet – A name is a unique means of identification which a person bears and is called by. It a vital part of one’s life and is usually held dear to the heart.

You can make this personal element more distinguished and recognized by having it crafted intricately into a name anklet. This ankle bracelet is an exquisite piece that every jewelry lover is sure to adore.

The added feature of customization makes it even more personal and valuable. This name jewelry is bound to delicately beautify your feet and make it more attractive in a stylish fashion.

♥ Handmade: This engraved anklet is a perfect work of art wrought by the hands of a skilled jeweler. Its intricate design is nothing short of a true masterpiece.

♥ Quality: The quality of this custom anklet is one of immense value and you can be sure to get your money’s worth. All materials used in designing the nameplate anklet are of high quality and value.

♥ Material: Another special feature of this piece is that it can be made for you with three different materials; Sterling Silver, Rose Gold Plated, or 24K Gold Plated. All you have to do is select your preferred material and you’ll have it just as you want it.

♥ Customized: It is also customized to have your name, or that of whoever you want to get them for, on it. It is made into a personalized anklet, which adds even more value to it.

♥ Gift: This ankle-piece is the perfect gift item you can present to someone. Be it at weddings, or an anniversary gift, this anklet is a suitable gift for any setting. It is also just the hot wife anklet to present to your wife on her special day as a loving gift for her.

S I Z E & M A T E R I A L S
■ Style: Personalized Name Anklet Gold / Silver
■ Pendant Size: 40mm x 10mm / 1.6″ x 0.4″
■ Material:
• Sterling Silver
• 24k Gold Plated over Sterling Silver
• Rose Gold Plated over Sterling Silver
■ Thickness : 1.2mm / 0.04″
■ Chain Style: RoloChain
■ Chain Length : 8” + 1.2” Extension


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